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May the long-time protection of MT. Fuji, Japan’s treasured World Heritage Site, remain for all time. Such a wish is bestowed upon these Fuji Mountain goods, with a safe and clean antimicrobial coating. It is created using techniques from two companies in Shizuoka Prefecture; Sanko Manufacturing Corporation and Iwasaki Welding Industry Ltd., both of which share a close affinity to Fuji and hold this wish.

“Dream Factory Pursuing the Coating”
Sanko Manufacturing Corporation

“Mature Welding Technique and Advanced Laser Processing Technique”
Iwakura Welding Industry Ltd.

Antimicrobial Coating <KENIFINE®>

It is a clean and safe coating processing technique applied to the products, suppressing the propagation of bacteria and killing various viruses and mold with a high antimicrobial effect. Sanko Manufacturing Corporation acquired the license for the technique registered trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd. to use it.
More Details:https://www.sanko-seisaku.co.jp/koukin-mekki/

cocktail stirrer for glass

Hook the top end of this Fuji-shaped cocktail stirrer on the edge of your glass when you want to carry it around. Enjoy a splendid view of Japan's No.1 mountain as you sip your drink!

2,000 JPY (excluding tax)
24 x 160 x 2 mm (W L T)

Salt&Peppercases of Mt.Fuji

Fashioned in the classic contours of Mt. Fuji to add fun and whimsy to your meals. Snow falls from Mt.Fuji with every shake over your plate. An antibacterial coating ensures hygiene.

1 piece 4,800 JPY (excluding tax)
2 piece 7,800 JPY (excluding tax)
60 x 60 x 50 mm (W D H)

Shoehorn of Mt. Fuji

A portable shoehorn you can stow in the pocket of your jacket or bag. Treated with an antibacterial coating to preserve cleanliness. Two packaging options: a plastic zip sleeve or elegant cloth sleeve inside a box fashioned from the wood of a Princess Tree.

Plastic sleeve 2,500 JPY (excluding tax)
Cloth sleeve・Box 3,500 JPY (excluding tax)
45 x 5 x 100 mm (W D L)

Climb KANZASHI for top of Mt.Fuji

This is an ornamental hairpin with antibacterial coating with Mount Fuji on it that glitters in the hair. Please gather up your hair with it to be at the height of beauty.

Silver 2,200 JPY (excluding tax)
Gold 2,700 JPY (excluding tax)
2 types (Silver/Gold) /
170 x 21 x 3mm (L W H)

Shiny comb of Mt.Fuji

Do you wish to be the most sparkling woman in Japan when you set your hair? This is a makeup comb with antibacterial coating and a Mount Fuji design on it, which sparkles in your hair.

Silver 2,500 JPY (excluding tax)
Gold 3,000 JPY (excluding tax)
2 types (Silver/Gold) /
90 x 72 x 1mm (L W H)

Flower arrangement pinholder of Mt.Fuji

Antibacterial coating shows the special feature, and keeps the water clean longer. The water reflects, and the skill of the arranger stands out. The pin holder is in the shape of Mount Fuji.

12,000 JPY (excluding tax)
1 piece /
88 x 88 x 41mm (L W H)

Unique upside down Mt. Fuji paper clip with a tag as reflected by a lake

You can use it to clip documents. You can use it to attach a tag to a page. Whichever you do, the top of Mount Fuji peeps out for an instant.

600 JPY / 1 piece (excluding tax)
1,500 JPY / 3 pieces (excluding tax)/
33 x 1 x 45mm (L W H)

TOZAN DE Tooth Brush Holder (Elegant, ascending Mt. Fuji shaped tooth brush holder)

We designed a unique toothbrush stand, which will make your toothbrush resemble a mountain flag. At what level should we raise a flag up today?

3,776 JPY (excluding tax)
1 piece /
110 x 30 x 75mm (L W H)

Beautifully Designed Soap Dish Mirroring the Melting Snow of Mt. Fuji

The soap represents the snow of Mount Fuji, the best in Japan, and it makes for a pleasant view.

4,500 JPY (excluding tax)
1 piece /
140 x 74 x 50mm (L W H)

Mountain ridge cutlery rest

When we look at Mount Fuji, we look not just at the mountain itself but also the mountain range surrounding it. In this way we can fully appreciate the beauty of nature. This cutlery captures that experience. The view adds sophistication to any dining table.

3,800 JPY (excluding tax)
2 piece set (placed in a box made of paulownia wood) /
90 x 26 x 25mm (L W H)

Glare chopstick rest

Mount Fuji has many faces. There is the plain beauty of snow covering in winter, and in summer there is the natural beauty of Mount Fuji as it is released from its blanket of snow. It reflects the color of the table on the surface of the antibacterial coating, so that you see a different view of Mount Fuji from every angle.

3,000 JPY (excluding tax)
1 type, 2 piece set (placed in a box made of paulownia wood)
2 types /
summer : 50 x 22 x 17mm (L W H)
winter : 51 x 19 x 15mm (L W H)

Mountain trail bookmarker

When climbing Mount Fuji, you choose one of four entrances to start from. We made a bookmark of the image of one of the mountain trails. Please enjoy reading a story much like climbing a mountain. Step by step you will reach the top of it. When you close a book, you will see a view which is like Mount Fuji peeping out above the clouds.

1,500 JPY (excluding tax)
4 types /
Fujinomiya AR : 44 x 63mm (L W)
Subashiri AR : 43 x 86mm (L W)
Gotemba AR : 47 x 106mm (L W)
Yoshida AR : 46 x 86mm (L W)
Note:AR stands for Ascending Route.

Sunrise bottle opener

Traditionally, we appreciate the view of a sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji. We made a bottle opener so that you will be able to enjoy seeing this lucky phenomenon, like you would a flame of a lantern or moonlight, whenever you please.

Silver 2,200 JPY (excluding tax)
Gold 3,000 JPY (excluding tax)
2 types (Silver/Gold) /
Round shape : 44 x 3.5 x 105mm (L W H)
Square shape : 36 x 3.5 x 100mm (L W H)